Friday, December 2, 2016

Join Him!

Hello again friends! I hope the Thanksgiving Break provided y'all with an opportunity to reflect on God's goodness through your friendships, relationships, and His continual provision to give us what we need (and often more!).

This is some of our community worshipping at one of our ministry houses. I hope it encourages you as much as it does me!

Even though this semester is coming to a close, we are ecstatic and humbled by how God has lead so many new students to our community! They've gotten the opportunity to grow in their understanding of Him through studying the scriptures 1:1, being a part of a small group, but most of all experiencing Him through His people. You guys have gotten to be a part of that through your support! Thank you for enabling us to invest in the Kingdom and sow and reap eternal rewards. Here are a couple reflections and things to be in prayer for!

Hundreds of students attended our Pizza Theology event!

Pizza theology 
Once every semester we have an event called Pizza Theology. All nine of our campuses come together for 5 hours to eat pizza for an hour and talk about a theological topic for the rest of the time. This semester our topic was "Hearing God's voice." One of the most impactful things that God communicated to me that night was that I need to make it known to myself, more than to Him, that I'm desiring to hear from the Almighty Father. David Knebel, our speaker from our sister ministry up in Washington (CCF), gave a phrase to say to God to develop continuous awareness and conversation with Him; the phrase is simply, "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening." Often we go to Him and say something that's the other way around, "Listen Lord, your servant is speaking!" How silly of us. This has allowed me to be more aware of His direction, encouragement, and overall goodness in my life, despite my inclination towards comfort, believing lies, and the path of least resistance. This is one of my favorite events of the whole year since our students continue to talk about the topic for months to come and begin and continue to have conversations with their peers and mentors. I'm humbled and encouraged to remember that He is continuously seeking us out, therefor, He simply wants us to join in His existing work.

KFG-  The "Keep Focus Growing" initiative
This is our third year having this campaign. The money we raise will go towards our general fund so that we are able to join God in whatever work He calls us to do this coming year, as well as have the resources to continue to support our existing nine campuses. As it is, we are prayerfully considering starting a plant at the SMU campus! Please consider joining us in making sure we are pursuing God's agenda!

We can hit our $55,000 goal if
200 people give $10 
200 people give $20 
100 people give $50 
30 people give $100
20 people give $300 
25 people give $500 
10 people give $750 
5 people give $1,000 
2 people give $2,500 
1 person gives $5,000 

Drew, the taller guy in the middle, came into town from the Air Force Academy! Him and I studied the scriptures three years ago. The girls on the sides of him are with our ministry at UTA, the guys behind him are at UTD or have graduated, while Josiah on the opposite side of me is at Collin!

Sammy is studying with one of our student leaders that I get to meet weekly with!
Prayer requests 
You guys already bless me so much through your support but here are some more specific ways to be in prayer for our campus and I! Please pray for...
  • The end of the semester: our students are heading into finals week and, if they're anything like I was, are feeling the stress of completing final assignments and finishing strong.
  • Our Keep Focus Growing initiative: that we get to experience another year of His provision to do the work He's called us to.
  • My family- mom, dad, sisters (14 and 2 years old)
  • The trip with Jesus Project Ministries to New Orleans! I'll get to serve alongside that ministry for the third year the week before Christmas! We'll be tutoring the kids in that community as well as preparing for the big Christmas drive where we'll distribute thousands of gifts.

Sometimes we have our apprenticeship classes outside! This one was during our spiritual disciplines class, which recently ended.
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 Thank you for being one more thing that I can thank the Lord for! 

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  1. How sweet to hear so many voices raised to praise Jesus. Thanks for sharing! Love you Pedro!