Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Winter Camp 2017 included about 630 people deepening and developing friendships, being nudged by the Spirit to pursue God more, and worship to the One who has done so much for us! All 9 campuses are pictured here (UNT, NCTC, TWU, TWU- Dallas, Richland, UTD, Collin- Spring Creek & Preston Ridge, and UTA)!
Hello again!
Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope it encourages you as you work within your community to impact people directly and indirectly! This month, more than those prior, I've been amazed at what a neat opportunity you guys enable me to experience as a campus minister. My days and "workplace" and interactions are so varied and it's in large part thanks to your support of me as I do Kingdom work on the college campus! I've been constantly reminded of how the Spirit of God is the one that leads, strengthens, helps, and gives life to me as I daily ask Him to use me in the ways He has planned. As I experience the relief of faith over simple belief, I'm learning to be truly grateful in that truth. 

Let me catch you up on all the things that kicked back off this past month...

New semester
Every semester we get all 120 or so of our student leaders together to start the semester on the right foot. They really do so much of the work, please keep them in your prayers as they lead others.
Every Tuesday morning we spend time in the middle of campus inviting students to hang with us. You'll see Shayla on the far left and Hannah on the right!

Our corefas invited students from their classes to play volleyball with us at the Spring Creek campus apartments
Our Thursday night fellowship is up and running again. Join us in praying for the many more students we'll get to befriend and help guide towards Jesus this semester!

Our students, classes, and work is back and going! Our corefas are back in the "beginning of Fall semester" mindset in the sense that they're consistently making new friends and inviting them into community, while getting back in the swing of completing homework and assignments, and, for most, working. Our 1:1 Focus On Jesus bible studies have resumed and many have decided to get baptized, as a result of the Spirit's work! They're also working towards goals that will help them cast their nets, as well as the vision for the campus, the students they're spending time with, and themselves.
God has truly been answering prayers as we've had more students hang out with us at the Preston Ridge Campus and express a desire to seek out a better understanding of Jesus and His people! While we can say our loving students energy and efforts are the driving force, we'd be completely ignorant to the fact that the Spirit truly is stirring and opening hearts to make them receptive to what He's doing through our community! He truly is faithful. 
Speaking of His faithfulness, we will have a kickoff meeting for our new SMU plant this weekend! God has continually paved the way for this opportunity- pray that we keep walking in His plans for this and that the students who He wants to be a part of this do!

Winter Camp
Jason, one of the corefas that I spend weekly time with, got baptized at camp by Cody

Finally, here's a picture with all of my roomates (plus Karlo- our official, unofficial, roomie).

This is Keanna Barber, she is one of the teens at the CTF (Christian Teen Fellowship) ministry at my church, Wylie Northeast, and is also a great friend of my sister! It was her first year at camp.

We got to sing "Jesus we love you" by Bethel in English plus Mandarin and Spanish.

Most of the alumni that went to and helped with camp this year (I'm now a part of this group)!

Most of the Collin group this year plus some alum who are now at different campuses.
This was my 5th year at Winter Camp, since my first year as a part of the focus community. I remember that year God communicating two things clearly 
1)to get to know people. He reminded me that He works in everyone all the time! And because that and more, they're totally worth knowing 
2)that He was hard at work on the college campuses, specifically Collin College, and wanted to invite me to work alongside Him. Prior to that realization, I was under the impression that real and impactful ministry could only be done internationally. After getting a glimpse at myself and those around me I learned that could not be further from the truth!
This year, in the middle of the most stretching and revealing (about myself and God) years of my life at Winter Camp one of the biggest things I was reminded of is how from God and His people, we expect [you fill in the blank] (disappointment, frustration, disgust, indifference, etc.) but then instead receive love! I've been consistently overwhelmed by this reality as I've allowed myself to experience those moments. I earnestly pray that I can reflect His love as purely, sincerely, and consistently as I receive it from Him. There were so many other encouraging statements made by each of our speakers. To listen to any of those, click here! They'll certainly enrich your car ride, run, or down time. 

Please don't hesitate to let me know how I can bless you!