Thursday, March 2, 2017

Halfway there

And just like that, we're about halfway done through the semester!
Hey again! Thanks for taking the time to read about what your support is enabling and a part of on the Collin campuses! Some of you have told me that you have been encouraged by God's work, what a blessing! I pray this month's reflections do the same.

Parent night
It was so neat to get to meet so many of the parents of the students that we get to work with on a weekly basis. It really is true that so many parents have laid a foundation for us to work with, often instilling things we couldn't in our limited amount of time. I constantly look forward to this night because we get to share our vision for the parents kids not only as students but as disciples and members of the Body. That's one of those nights where all I can think of is that “there's no place I'd rather be.” I'm beyond grateful that you guys give me the opportunity to do what I do.
We had a lot of students parents show up for Parent Night! You have no idea how blessed they indirectly are by you!

Holy Spirit’s work
New students
This is some of our students hanging out with new students at the Spring Creek Campus
Here's a 360 shot of some of our students playing a game at the Preston Ridge campus

Here's our students at Steak n Shake after our Thursday night fellowship service!

I took a day trip to Austin with Cody and Troy and Alex, who i lead a small group and studied Focus On Jesus with, respectively, and Josh who is a corefa and spends weekly time with Cody. It was relaxing and fun!

Every week we have Discipleship Class on Friday's at noon, It's a lecture based class, this semester, on the book of Genesis: from Creation to The Flood. How neat that these students make the time to learn beyond their general studies!

“But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.”
-Titus 3:4-6
God has all year been drawing people to Himself. We've seen it in the way they've sought to “honor one another above themselves”, given expecting nothing in return, bear one another's burdens, and pursued Him alongside other who also call upon His name (2 Timothy 2:2). For a few, they've also highlighted His in their work in their lives through baptism!
Here's a few of our new brothers and sisters-
Sam helps us at the Preston Ridge campus. Her parents shared how they have started to make their way back to the Lord because of the growth she has experienced. Praise God! 
Johnny studied Focus On Jesus with Austin, one of our corefas. His desire to serve is admirable! He'll be attending SICM this year!
Sammy studied Focus On Jesus with Matt C, a corefa and one of the guys I spend weekly time with. His decision to follow Jesus has been followed by him engaging with our campus in spiritual conversations as well as with the people in our community. He's been so encouraging to have around!

We had our first event down there to pray about what God is calling us to. We already have personal connections with a number of interested students from this event and from other connections, and Laurence will be following up one-on-one with each of them. Please pray that God will show us exactly what He's calling us to, will continue to open doors and provide connections, and will get us ready to launch something awesome in August!

Pizza Theology on Race
We get to put one of these on a semester. It's a handful of hours of teaching and learning time for all of the students from our nine campuses. It's great to get to unite all our students to get a holistic understanding to something difficult to wrap our minds around or controversial. Previous ones are also on the following link. If you'd like to listen to our students, and me share, as well as a talk on the biblical and sociological approach to race click here! If you'd like a copy of what I shared please let me know!

Monthly student testimony

Looking forward:
We are going to start fundraisers for the students that we've invited to SICM, please pray they're able to raise their funds. To be honest, God has always provided so we have great expectation He’ll do the same this time around.
Speaking of God providing, I can never thank you guys enough for stepping alongside me to work God’s field at Collin. That being said, Ive been offered and have committed to at least a handful of years on our Collin Staff! Starting my freshmen year at Winter Camp, through my time at SICM that spring, to the first leadership conference I went to with our church in 2013, through my first year as a corefa, and up until my apprenticeship so far, I've felt God continually invite me to join Him on the college campus as a minister. The more time has passed, the more I've learned to pursue Him, the deeper I've had to dig and change to be more like Him, the more I experience His grace through the people around me, and the more I get to interact with and disciple His people, the more I feel certain about this role moving forward.
For those of you who are on my support team already, I'll be in contact with you just to put that on your radar. If you're not currently on my support team but are interested, let me know so we can have a conversation about that!

Please let me know how I can uphold you in prayer, it's the least I could do!

Yours on the campus,