Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Let the light keep a-shinin'

"And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into His image with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."

As this month has passed I've felt the Lord bring me back to this verse. I've noticed Him working to transform my thinking especially. I've noticed Him remind me of the freedom that comes from fixing my eyes on Him. And I've noticed the life He gives anyone who gratefully receives His blessings. 
Here are some of the whereabouts of my month:

Hannah and I here during Spring Break with some of our students. We made it out of the "Hour to escape room" with 20 minutes to spare!
One of my dearest friends Ray and I at Casey's wedding, one of our admins and pastors at Wylie Northeast! In case you can't tell, Ray caught me while eating a chocolate covered strawberry.
During worship at my church- Wylie Northeast.

Impact week
We've learned volleyball really brings people in! A Collin rec center employee sets this net up for us on a weekly basis. They're excited that it facilitates student life.
Katie and I, from the IMPACT crew, asked people walking by if they wanted to guess how many gumballs were in the jar and invited them to hangout with us. Can you guess how many there are?
We had a carnival themed hangout at the Preston Ridge Campus that attracted a lot of new people!

6/7 of the Bellevue College Chi Alpha group with Hannah and I. 
The last week of March we, as the Collin ministry, got to host a team of 7 from Bellevue, Washington! This week was called IMPACT week. Jack and Lindsey (pictured in the back) are on staff out there at Bellevue College, a community college, with a Chi Alpha ministry and the rest are students in their ministry. Believe it or not, these students decided to spend their Spring Break down here spending hours on the three of Collin's campuses, each day, reaching out to our students expanding their experiences interacting with their peers. Not only did they get to see God at work down here, in reaffirming and new ways alike, but they also got to learn from our staff and corefas (and of course we got to from them too!) It was neat to hear our corefas share of how encouraged they were by the IMPACT students commitment to letting a love for God drive the way they used their time. Some of the corefas I meet with weekly shared of how much more motivation they had from the example those students had set. I'm thankful that God does in fact work all things together for our good. Not only that, but that He invites us to get to know Him more intimately through what we do and watching Him at work around us. Their ministry is still relatively new but it's clear that God used this week to give them a bigger vision for the possibilities at their campus. 
Will you please pray that God continues to give the faithful students and staff out there direction for His work? As well as a more exact view of who He is and what He can do? 

Spring Showcase

Sarah with the people that came out to support us at Spring Showcase!
The full FOCUS 2016-2017 staff! Thanks so much for enabling us to do what we get to do.
For the last three years, we've gotten to put together a fundraising/performance-based event called Spring Showcase. We put it on to raise money for our, typically close to 100, students who get invited to learn more about doing campus ministry at SICM. Throughout the spring semester, these students reach out to their family and friends to invest in their trip. God always comes through and provides in one way or another; this event helps make sure they all get to SICM. We have a plethora of performers from our 9 ministries make up the two acts. I'm big into just about every fine art so this event helps satisfy a lot of that love for me. This post is actually named after a verse from the song that I got perform in, as a part of the choir. The song is called Free- hope it encourages you! I'm thankful to have gotten to see some of you there, continuing to invest in God's work through our community. Our 23 Collin students will certainly benefit from your support. In case you haven't gotten to and you feel lead to give a gift towards the students going on this trip you can do so here!
Please pray that they, because of God's great love for them, aim to please Him in every way and point others to that same source of constant goodness.

It's beyond me that we're in the 9th month of the 10 month apprenticeship, that God has raised up 23 potential student leaders for this next year at a community college, that He is so merciful and patient, and that more and more students at Collin are gaining a vision for the work God is doing on our campus! By no means can I or our staff take credit for this. It's all always been God's doing and will continue to be. He is so good and faithful. You have been a part of this and will hopefully continue to be.

Yours on the campus,